Dress for a Wedding – Vogue V8766

All the way back in May I cut out the main material for a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding. Considering that my sister is getting married on 25th August I thought that I best get a move on with the dress. I am using the Vogue V8766 pattern, dress F. Yesterday I firstly cut out the lining material and then started on the bodice. The first step was basting the lace to the lining fabric following the outline and darts. I then did the darts in the front and back of the pattern peices:


Next was attaching the front to the back pattern pieces:


And then doing the neck edging:

I then got around to making the arms:


I then started work on the skirt to the dress. Firstly attaching the back pieces together up to the mark for the zip and then attaching the front to the back pieces. This was repeated with the lining and then the lining and main fabric were basted together prior to attaching to the bodice:

I still have the zip to attach and the hemming to do. I think that I may make it a bit shorter because I would like to wear my layered underskirt with it. I am also considering adding banding to the arms to make them match the neck band. I am going away for the weekend now so I will need to work on it next week to get it finished for the Saturday…should be possible.




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