Repairing Ted

Every summer holiday my niece comes to spend a week with me. This time she has come for this week so that my sister (her mum) can help dress the marquee and make the cake for my other sister’s wedding which is on Saturday. Having niece to stay give me the opportunity to do many thing that I would not otherwise do, yesterday we went ice skating and today we are going to set the tent up in the living room and have a camp (obviously we had planned to do this in the regular way but the forecast is for storms this afternoon). Every time niece comes we also embark on some sort of craft project, last year we made a dress together for her. This time, the craft became pretty obvious as soon as I saw her ted:

She has had ted since she was one and he has gone pretty much everywhere with her, unfortunately her family dog also took quite a fancy to ted and bit a massive hole in his bum and pulled out all of the stuffing, in the process ted also lost a hand:

The first thing we did was look through my fabric stash so that she could choose some fabric to make a patch for his bum and a new hand from. She settled on this fabric:

I then asked her to trace around ted’s good hand so that we could make him a new one:

Once she had traced the hand I asked her to draw about .5cm around her tracing for the seam allowance and the she put a load of fresh stuffing into his body:

She cut out the paper pattern pieces and I then cut out the fabric:

She wanted ted’s hands to have the paw print centered on it. I then used my pinking shears around the square patch and hand sew it onto ted’s bum:

I then made up the paws by sewing them right sides together, clipping the seam allowance and then turning them the right way. She added a little stuffing and then I attached them to ted’s arm:

Niece then decided that she would like a tail added, so she selected the flannel fabric from the one yard swaddle blanket because it was nice and soft. She drew out the tail she wanted and then I sew it up in the same way as the paw. Here it is all attached:


Niece is happy that ted is all back to his former self, I think we can say it has been a successful crafting project for the two of us.


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