Decorating the Office

S and I moved to our flat just over two years ago and when we moved in we made the decision that we would use the small room as our bedroom and the large room as the office (S and I both work from home on alternate days so having dedicated work space was really important). It made sense because we felt that the small room was more than big enough and putting our bed into the bigger room we felt would be a waste of space. However two years on we both feel we still have not maximized the space within the office, especially considering that it is the same size as our previous living room and kitchen combined.

We both felt that the office has essentially become a room with a desk and a lot of clutter so as part of the flat redecoration we had a real thought about what to do it the space.

This is how the office looked on Saturday morning:

We decided that we would use the shelves as a room divider to separate the desk from the rest of the room. These were the shelves on Saturday morning:

This was the view from the door:

Firstly we took Little One to the pet sitter, and then started to empty the room. It was unbelievable how much stuff we had in this one room so emptying it out took over the whole flat and I was pleased Little One was out. We then proceeded to paint the walls:

We then sorted through all of our things, trying to be pretty brutal about what things to keep and what things to donate or throw out and then moved everything back into the office using the shelves as a room divider:

This meant that S now has an office area:

I then covered the old office chair and the futon in green polka dot material for a little seating area:

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