Knitting Paper Dolls – Finally!!

Sometime in 2010 I brought this pattern from Ravelry:

I brought it after I had downloaded the owls¬†pattern that is also by Kate Davies. I loved the paperdolls and despite being very new to knitting at this point I just could not resist the beautiful pattern. I then asked for the wool to make the jumper for Christmas and S’s mum brought me the wool:

The main colour will be the grey with the dolls in the purple and the detail in the reddie colour. The wool then ended up in the back of my sewing wardrobe because try as I might I could not figure out alternate rib and you tube videos did not help me either. Then last weekend as part of the redecoration of the office (all my craft stuff is in there) I sorted through everything and uncovered the wool and decided that I really would give it another go.

Over the weekend I cast on using the i-cord method (Kate gives really clear instructions on this in the pattern), I can not even begin to describe how time consuming this is, but it is honestly worth it because the bottom of the jumper already looks really pretty. I then did my first lots of alternate ribs….and it worked!!!!!

Here is the start of the jumper:

And a close up…check out the i-cord cast on, very pretty:

2 thoughts on “Knitting Paper Dolls – Finally!!

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