Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Deciding the Clothes

Back in August I mentioned that I am aiming to sew up a capsule wardrobe, I have already decided on my colour scheme so today I went through my patterns to make a decision about what clothes I would like to make. I thought I would try to use patterns that I already have rather than purchasing a load.


The main part of the wardrobe will be a winter coat, S’s mum has lent me this pattern which I believe she has had since the 1960’s, it is a very beautiful coat and I think it will look gorgeous in a deep purple:

I would also like to make a matching hat and gloves, I already have this pattern in my stash and I like view E:


Now for the clothes, the only thing I have not got in my stash is a trouser pattern. Looking around I really like the Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic or Colette Juniper  so will have to make a decision and settle on one of these. The fact that Lladybird is hosting a Thurlow Sew Along at the end of October may swing it for me.

Skirt wise is very easy, my two favourites are Amy Butler Barcelona skirts and Colette’s Ginger:

I aim to make the layer skirt from Amy Bulter and Version two from Ginger. That leaves tops, view B of the McCall’s, version two of Jasmine and version three of Sencha:

 And dresses, I am aiming to make version one of the Peony and view C of the Vogue pattern:


This means that when I visit Paris in one week (only seven days, I am counting them down!!), I am looking for fabric for:

Coat lining – I already have the wool blend fabric

Hat lining – left over wool blend from the coat will be used for the hat exterior


Vogue Dress – I already have some fabric for the Peony



McCall’s top

Ginger skirt

Layered Barcelona skirt

Trousers (type to be decided)


When I come back from Paris I will be itching the start the sewing on these eleven items of clothing. I can’t wait to see what fabric I find, I will write up my fabric post once I get back!!



3 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Deciding the Clothes

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