Knitting Paper Dolls – Finishing the Ribbing

The other day I started knitting up the Paper Dolls jumper after I re-found the wool for this jumper whilst decorating the office. I have continued to work on it and managed to finish the ribbing at the bottom and start the decreases for the waist.

This is how it is currently looking:

and a close up:

I am so ridiculously pleased with my alternate rib which I have never done before. Working on this project has reminded me why I love knitting on the round, it is so easy to pick up and put down (as long as I am disciplined in marking off when I pass my marker) so any spare minute I have I can do a bit of work on the project. This jumper has seven decrease rounds worked in until the waist I currently have done two so five more to go.

One thought on “Knitting Paper Dolls – Finishing the Ribbing

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