Preparing for Paris

Tomorrow I go to Paris (think I may have mentioned that I few times already). I am ridiculously excited about going fabric shopping and have been photographing the back on my patterns so that I can carry the information with me on my phone. Although my focus had been taken by the prospect of fabric shopping, this trip has been arranged to go to the horse racing on Sunday.

Last year I did very well on the horses in Paris and backed the winner of the big race meaning that I very nicely went home with more money than I arrived with…after paying for my holiday bits. Being very sensible I put the Euros to one side and this is now my fabric budget. So in thanks to the horses and jockeys and because I am sure S will enjoy these too…I have made some horse racing inspired biscuits:


The jockeys are meant to sit on the horses, but by the time I had added on their icing jackets they don’t fit…hopefully they’ll still taste nice and give us something to enjoy on the Eurostar tomorrow.


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