My Weekend in Paris

So I am now back from Paris and thought I would fill you in on the delights of my trip. As previously mentioned last year we went to Paris to watch the racing and whilst there I accidentally stumbled into the fabric district, this lead to me begging to extend the trip this year by one extra night so that I could go fabric shopping. Lucky last year I won 120 euros on the races so I put this to one side for a whole year as my fabric budget.

On Friday we caught the Eurostar, this is me enjoying the Jockey gingerbread man I made along with a glass of wine:


I also took the time to add to the paperdolls jumper, which you can just see behind the foil.

We arrived to a beautiful apartment handily situated about a fifteen minute walk from the fabric shops, so on Saturday I took a stroll up there to uncover some fabric delights, and oh! what delights there were!

I am so pleased that I took the time to plan what clothes I wanted to make and what my colour scheme was, because the sheer vastness of fabric could have overwhelmed me. I’m sure I would have still come home with some beautiful fabric but it would have been random and then leading me to decide what to make.

Anyway here are my spoils from the weekend:

I am very pleased with the fabric and feel everything goes together well. I will take some more photos shortly along and let you know which items of clothing they will become.

On Sunday we then went to the races at Longchamp. I only bet when we go racing and I am not exactly a big spender, I bet a total of 24 euros on the nine races, but very nicely I backed the winner of the main race and won 137 euros, I then had another go in the last race and picked the winner and won another 27 euros! I really had a lucky day, which has lead to S stating that the Arc is my race seems as I picked the 33/1 winner last year and the 40/1 winner this year…I now have a fabric budget all lined up for next year.



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