Capsule Wardrobe – Matching Fabric to the Patterns

I now have brought all of my fabric for the making of the clothes for the capsule wardrobe challenge, so I thought it would be useful to document which fabrics are for which sewing pattern….especially because by the time I get round to making the last item I may have forgotten which is for which.

So firstly, the staple for a winter wardrobe (and most definitely my first make),

A Vintage winter coat:


I already had the purple wool blend fabric so in Paris I brought the lining which is lemon yellow and the cute floral fabric that I will use to make some fabric covered buttons.

McCall’s Hat and Gloves:


The hat will be made in the same purple fabric as the coat and lined with the lilac fabric that was brought in Paris, the gloves will be made with the lilac fabric too.

Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers:

I have a lightweight grey denim for these that I brought in Paris.

Colette Ginger Skirt:

The fabric for this is a purple cotton type that I brought in Paris.

Colette Peony Dress:


I already had this fabric in my stash, it is one of my favourites so I will look forward to using it.

Vogue V8280 Dress:


This dress will be made in a lilac cotton that I brought in Paris.

Newlook 6674 Dress:

This dress was not in my original plan but when I saw this fabric in Paris I thought it was perfect for the wrap dress.

Colette Sencha Top:

This beautiful lemon patterned cotton was brought in Paris for an unbelievable 10 euros for three meters.

Colette Jasmine Top:


This purple and grey floral cotton was also just 10 euros for three meter.

McCall’s M6284 Top:

Lastly is this McCall’s top, which I am going to make in this purple knit. We went around for ages looking for some knit fabric in Paris but could not find any so looking through my stash I found this…shocking really that I have fabric I have completely forgotten about.


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