The Play Mat Bag

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me if I had any patterns for a bag for a child to keep their toys in, we had a little chat and decided that having a bag that was also a play mat would be really useful. I said I would have a go at making one and then write up the pattern, so here it is.


Main fabric – I used home deco weight for both but I would use a lighter fabric if I made this again for the interior.

Fusible stabiliser

Sew-in fleece

Length of ribbon

Set of gromitts

I started of by cutting out circles, two of the main fabric (although if I was doing a cotton lining I would cut one from the cotton lining and one from the main fabric), two from the stabiliser and one from the fleece:

I made the circles by measuring the smallest width of fabric (which was the stabiliser), it measured 82 cm so Iaimed to draw circles of 80cm diameter so that I could fit the circle onto the fabric. I then tied a pencil to a length of 40cm (half the diameter) string, pinned the string and then drew all around holding the string taut.

Next I attached the two fusible stabiliser circles to the back of the main fabric using the iron.

And then sew the fleece onto the back of one of the main circles (on top of the stabiliser). To ensure that the seams would not end up too bulky I trimmed the fleece from the edge to the stitching:

I then placed the two circles, right sides together and stitched them together around the edges, leaving a gap to turn them the right way out. I trimmed the seam to ensure that it would lay flat:

Then I turned the circles, right side out:

And top stitched around the edge, closing the opening as I went:

Next I added the gromitts, following the instructions on the pack. I placed them by seeing the circle as a clock and placing a gromitt for each number:

Finally I threaded the ribbon through the gromitts:

The above picture is the bag in the play mat position, the child can play with lego or other toys on the play mat and then by gathering up the ribbons, the lego or toys are placed on the inside of a little bag:

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