Capsule Wardrobe – Cutting the Coat

Today I made a start on my capsule wardrobe challenge. Of the clothing that I have chosen to make the most essential is the winter coat, therefore this is the first item I have started on. I am currently at my parents so I brought along the pattern and fabric with the aim that I would cut out the fabric on their kitchen table.

One of the first problems I came across is that the pattern is in French, fortunately there are a fair few illustrations so getting the cutting layout was okay:


I have cut out all of the pattern pieces from the exterior fabric:


I extended the sleeve by three inches because the pattern has sleeves at just above wrist length, I would like regular length sleeves. I am not going to sew the pattern pieces together until I have got home and pinned them on the talior’s dummy to check the size. I’m home tomorrow though so not too long to wait….all I have to hope is that the pictures are clear enough for me to follow because the only french I know is Parlez-vous anglais?

8 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe – Cutting the Coat

    • Having the big kitchen table makes it so much easier, I always cut on the floor at home but it can be a bit tricky especially when little one wants to get involved. I’m assuming your question about deer&doe is about the pattern, it is titled Des JardinModes and has another bit saying Derniere Heure my French is a bit sketchy so not sure what this means.

  1. derniere heure literally means last hour ie the latest(thing, fashion etc) but since the pattern is about30 yrs old……….

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