Capsule Wardrobe – The Problem of the Coat Lining

Last week I cut out the exterior fabric for my coat which is part of my capsule wardrobe challenge. Today I wanted to tackle the lining but alas….there were no pattern pieces for the lining included (in all honestly the instruction may have given me a hint as to what to do but they are all in french and I am following the pictures.

Initially I thought that I would just use the exterior pattern pieces, fortunately however I decided to google “coat lining tutorial” and stumbled across Tilly and the Buttons blog which clearly gave instructions for making pattern pieces for a jacket lining. I read through this tutorial and am so pleased that I did because I found out that I needed to extend certain parts of the pattern and make a pleat in the back, it was such a relief that I hadn’t just marched ahead and cut out the lining fabric.

Here are all of my lining pieces cut out:


Tomorrow evening I aim to sew up the exterior of the coat. Then on Thursday I will hopefully get a chance to finish it all off, checking out how successful the lining pattern making has been. Thanks again to Tilly and the Buttons, I did try to comment on your blog but I’m not sure if it worked so if it didn’t please know that I am massively grateful for your post.

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