Capsule Wardrobe – The Coat Exterior

Yesterday I cut out the lining for my coat so today I have worked on the coat exterior with the aim that tomorrow I can make the lining. As I have said before the pattern is French but comes with some very good pictures so I could follow the pictures to make up the coat.

To start off, the top of the coat is constructed, there are three sections; two fronts and a back. Firstly I sew together the two pattern pictures for the front, this was a nice curved seam so should look good over the bust.


I then repeated this for the second front section. Next was sewing darts into the back section, these were on the middle of the sholder each side. Then I sew the two back sections together:


Next was attaching the front and back sections together:

This meant that the top section was all done. I then attached the bottom sections together, before attaching them to the top:


I took the above picture as a view just under the arm because I am ridiculously pleased with how the four seams come together.

Finally I attached the arms:


The pattern includes adding a collar and cuffs at this stage but I am going to add them whilst attaching the lining because this should then give a nice finish. Hopefully studying will go well tomorrow so I can get plenty of sewing done.



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