Capsule Wardrobe – The Coat Lining

Yesterday I worked on the coat exterior so today I made up the lining. The lining was put together in the same way at the exterior:


Then I attached the lining to the coat exterior (please forgive these photos the shiny fabric of the lining does not photograph too well):


I inserted a section of the wool fabric into the lining for the placement of buttons, I thought the wool fabric would be able to take the button holes better and having it on both sides keeps it matching.

I have also managed to add the collar onto the coat today:


All that is left now are the finishing touches. The cuffs, the pocket, the belt and the buttons. I then will hem the coat. I will be busy with work tomorrow so will have to wait for the weekend to finish it off.



One thought on “Capsule Wardrobe – The Coat Lining

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