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Preparing for Christmas – Gift Five

My preparations for Christmas have been continuing and I have now made the fifth gift, here are a couple of pictures:



I just thought I would also share with you that it was Little One’s birthday on Monday, she is now two. This is here with her birthday present:


I realise that this may seem like a really odd present but Little One is cuddly toy made, we usually do not let her have them because she is a cuddly toy killer, however we thought for her birthday we would make an exception and I went to the local charity shop. As soon as I walked in with Pooh Little One was over the moon and very excited, she has been carrying him around since.

Capsule Wardrobe – Finishing the Hat

Yesterday I worked on making up the exterior of the hat for the capsule wardrobe challenge. Today I aimed to finish the hat off, firstly I attached the brim to the hat crown;

Then I made the flowers to go onto the side of the hat:

I attached the flowers onto the side of the hat prior to inserting the lining, this was out of sequence to the sewing pattern but I thought it would be nice to have the sewing attachment covered by inserting the lining. Finally I made up and attached the lining to the hat:

The hat is now finished and nicely matches the coat. Here is how the hat looks on:

Capsule Wardrobe – Sewing the Hat Exterior

On Saturday I cut out the material for the hat, the second item of clothing in my capsule wardrobe challenge. Today I worked on making up the exterior of the hat.

The pattern needed fusible hair canvas, however despite an internet search and consulting my local haberdashery, I could only lay my hands on sew on, therefore my first step was to attach the canvas to the exterior fabric by sewing it on:


Then I attached the hat segments together to form the crown of the hat:


Finally today I made the brim:

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Cutting the Hat

Now that I have completed the coat from the capsule wardrobe challenge I am now moving on the next item of clothing. I have decided to go with the hat. For the hat I am using McCalls M6450:

And have chosen view E:

I have managed to cut out the exterior fabric, which matches the coat:

The contrast fabric for the lower brim and large flower:

The fabric for the small flower, which matches the fabric on the self cover buttons for the coat:

And finally the lining fabric which is the same as the lining I made for the coat: