Preparing for Christmas – Gift Five

My preparations for Christmas have been continuing and I have now made the fifth gift, here are a couple of pictures:



I just thought I would also share with you that it was Little One’s birthday on Monday, she is now two. This is here with her birthday present:


I realise that this may seem like a really odd present but Little One is cuddly toy made, we usually do not let her have them because she is a cuddly toy killer, however we thought for her birthday we would make an exception and I went to the local charity shop. As soon as I walked in with Pooh Little One was over the moon and very excited, she has been carrying him around since.

3 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas – Gift Five

      • Poor pooh, if he had no idea his sweet ignorance wouldn’t have lasted long. As soon as he got in the door he must have realised his fate because little one was so excited. She was carrying him around in her mouth leaping about and wagging so hard she couldn’t walk straight!

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