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Capsule Wardrobe – Finishing the Coat

As part of my capsule wardrobe challenge I have been making a coat. This is the first item of clothing for the challenge but as the weather is getting somewhat cold it has become pretty essential for me to finish it off, today I managed to complete it.

When I last left the coat I had just inserted the lining into the exterior. So today I started off by making a pocket and belt. Then I made cuffs, hemmed the coat and slip stitched the lining at the sleeves before finally adding buttons. Here are a few photos of the finished coat:

Here is a close up of the cuff with button, the buttons are self cover buttons covered in the fabric that I will use for detailing on the hat:


Here is a close up of the lining attached at the sleeve:


I am very happy with the coat, it is the most challenging item of clothing I have made so far and I am pretty pleased that I managed to make my own lining pieces from the pattern for the exterior. I added buttons onto the cuffs which is an addition to the pattern but I feel it bring it all together especially because I have made the sleeves long so that they are a regular length. The capsule wardrobe challenge has got off to a good start, next I will make up the hat and gloves.