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Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Nine

The ninth gift I made was an apron for S’s mum. This was a make from the 101 ways to sew a meter book, and this apron used basically ever last bit of the fabric!!

Here is the apron:


I used some retro fabric with irons and kitchen implements on…I love making things from fabric that matches the use of the item. The pleats along the waist add a nice bit of detailing, but the best things about this apron is on the reverse:


In each corner, there are pockets that are made from insulated batting, meaning that they can be used to take things directly out of the oven, what a great idea!

Sew Lucky – My Christmas Gifts

I have been so busy sharing the gifts that I made for Christmas with you all that I forgot to let you know how lucky I have been in the gifts that I received this Christmas.

Firstly mum and dad gave me two feet for my sewing machine, a walking foot and an invisible zipper foot


They also gave me a couple of sewing patterns, Sewaholic Renfrew and Victory Madeleine:


Middle sister very kindly gave me the Colette sewing book, I looked through it loads on Christmas Day it is truly beautiful:


Then little sister gave me a magazine subscription to a craft magazine of my choice:


I have been incredibly lucky with the gifts that I have been given by my family and can’t wait to use them all.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Eight

The eighth gift that I made was a pair of PJ’s for my sister’s partner. I firstly made the PJ bottoms from the same pattern that I used for my PJ party bottoms.


Then I made the top, this was based on the Sorbetto but rather that have the pleat at the front, I used this to make a button opening:


I used the red polka dot buttons on the top so that they matched the ribbon on the bottoms:


I was very pleased with how these PJ’s came out…so pleased in fact that I may make myself a pair.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Six

This was my favourite make for Christmas, littlest sister very nearly didn’t get it because I loved it so much.

Here is the finished item:


I couple of years ago I made a handbag for her using the same pattern, Sweet Harmony by Amy Butler:IMG_0199

The only thing I altered then and this time was the strap, she is most definitely a shoulder strap girl. She used the first bag so much that it literally fell to pieces so I thought I would make her another one, when I saw the Wonder Woman fabric I knew that it would be ideal for her and it went beautifully with some red polka dot fabric I had in my fabric stash. There is still about a meter of the Wonder Woman fabric left…think I’ll make something for me from that.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Four

The fourth gift that I made for Christmas was a pair of flannel shorts for S:

These are made in monkey flannel fabric, monkeys because he loves monkeys and flannel so that they are nice and soft. These shorts a pajama bottom style shorts so they are for relaxing in.

Unwrapping Christmas – Gift Seven

Gift seven goes with gift three and is a pair of slippers to go with the hot water bottle cover and aromatherapy pillow. Here are the slippers all finished off:



I think these are so cute and the flannel fabric feels really nice and soft. I think I might use that left over wonder woman fabric to make myself a pair…

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Three

The third gift that I made for Christmas was for middle sister. Middle sister likes a bit of relaxation time so I thought she would appreciate a couple of relaxation aids. I firstly made her a hot water bottle cover:

And then a pillow with a pocket:

I then made a little pouch with flaxseed and lavender that can be warmed and placed into the pocket on the pillow cover. The items are both made in a very soft flannel material so that they are nice to snuggle up to.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Two

The second gift that I made was for my mum. Dad mentioned that he was going to buy an iPad for her so I said I would make her a cover for it. I found a lovely tutorial on Chica and Jo. I decided to use Russian Doll fabric for the cover because my mum used to collect dolls in national dress. Here is the finished cover with my iPad in:

The thing I loved about this tutorial over the others I could find is that it also acts as a stand for the iPad: