A Crafty Pub Quiz

When I first moved to London I started a book group, this was mainly because I didn’t know anyone but also because I love a good read. We have now been meeting monthly for about four years and we occasionally meet for the pub quiz in the Salisbury on Green Lanes, today we decided to meet up for a Christmas get together and to spend the drinks vouchers we won during the last pub quiz.

The pub quiz does not run on a Saturday, causing disappointment to a couple of the members so it was suggested that we did our own. We each wrote ten questions for the others to answer, the only stipulation was that the questions we wrote had to be about things we knew and did not have to look up the answer for. I thought that my fellow book group members would not appreciate questions on schedules of reinforcement so set about making my questions craft orientated.

Firstly I sew up five different stitches:

IMG_0210And then I knitted up five different samples:


And they had to do was name the different stitches. I also thought they may quite like a helping hand so I wrote a list of twenty stitch types:


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