Sequins and Questions

Firstly the sequins. Next week I am going to a birthday party for someone who S works for and I needed to come up with a gift for him. I suggested adding sequins to a t-shirt with his name and S said he thought this would go down very well. Here is the t-shirt mid progress (I forgot to take a photo before I started):



It was a very simple (although time consuming process I completed this over three evenings whilst watching films) of sewing sequins onto the letters of his name filling the whole of the red area. Each sequin has a little glass bead on top. Here is the t-shirt all finished off:



Hopefully it will go down well when it is given to him next week. Anyway this nicely leads on to my questions, I am flying out to Chicago next week to meet up with S (so excited!!) where we will spend four days before flying to New York for four days. I have never been to America before and am really looking forward to it (although slightly nervous about making the flight on my own, I haven;t flown out of Europe since 1999 and then I was with a group of 17 people).

My question is:

Does anyone know of any great fabric shops in either Chicago or New York that I should visit?

Si is pretty tolerant of my fabric obsessional needs however I think dedicating one afternoon will be more than enough for him so want to focus my shopping.

2 thoughts on “Sequins and Questions

    • Fantastic, thank you for the information, it has got me even more exciting and great fabric is all in one place. I am going to NYC so will now put garment district onto my to do list.

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