Fabrics Galore in NYC

I have now more or less got back into the swing of UK time and thought that I ought to post about my fabric delights whilst in Chicago and New York. We firstly went to Chicago and went to a Jo-Anns whilst there, I have read about Jo-Anns on some of the blogs that I follow so I wanted to go and have a look myself. I was completed overwhelmed by the size of the shop, my mum would call it gi-huge-mega-big, I brought a little fabric from there.


The green cord is exactly what i wanted for making the Madeline Skirt, my parent brought me the pattern for Christmas so it is so good to have the fabric to do this. I chose the green polka dot cotton because it went beautifully with the cord and will make a good top and lining.

Next we went to New York and had a look around the garment district. S came with and so ensure that he wasn’t bored rigid I focused my energies on the shops mentioned in here (this linked was kindly provided KadoHearts following my request for advice with fabric shopping).


Here I am in my coat and hat (from capsule wardrobe makes) outside one of the fabric shops (Prime Fabrics) and here is the inside of one of the shops:


Have you ever seen so much fabric in one place? Here are my purchases from the garment district:


The red chevron patterned material is a relatively thick knit that I will use to make the Renfrew Top (also a Christmas present from my parents). The cat and fish fabric is to make the Colette Taffy Blouse from (which is in the sewing handbook).


The green fabric will also become a Renfrew Top, although a different version and the patterned fabric has a currently unknown destiny but I liked the fact that it had all of the colours of my capsule wardrobe in it so thought it would be a good buy. I was relatively restrained on the fabric purchasing front (logistics of getting it home in my suitcase) but still seem to have come home with plenty. My fabric stash is growing again so I think that will be it for a while…need to get some sewing started.

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