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Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift One

The first gift I made was for niece, she has a little cubby hole in her room which she calls her reading corner. I therefore made her a beanbag to go into the corner so she can sit and relax whilst reading her books.


This was made from the 101 Ways with a Meter book, I also made her a wall hanging from the book in a matching fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the wall hanging but it is for putting her books into. Perfect for a reading corner.

Unwrapping the gifts – Gift Ten

S’s Dad loves a good glass of wine and every time we see him he is always very generous with the sharing of that wine, so what better than a bag to hold the bottles in:


This is another make from the 101 ways with a meter book and it was probably the most frustrating make of my gift preparation. I broke three needles whilst making this but the finished product was worth it. We did of course provide the wine bag complete with six bottles of wine!!