Capsule Wardrobe-Finishing Jasmine

Today I have completed the Jasmine top that I started the other day.


Overall I am generally quite happy with the top, although I think it will be worn tucked into skirts or trousers because I feel it isn’t fitted enough for my liking to wear untucked. I love following Colette pattern instructions, they are so clear and really walk you through the stages, this is good for some one like me who originally started to make clothes because I wanted to, no one really showed me and I had to figure a lot out for myself…this has led to some incorrect procedures or mis-interpretation; these instructions don’t leave me to figure anything out for myself, leading to a much more satisfying completion of the project.

Next item to make, the Madeleine Skirt! Very excited about this one because as soon as I saw the pattern it screamed ME!!!!

5 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe-Finishing Jasmine

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