2 Towels + Binding = New Bathmat

One of the first projects I posted about when I started this blog last year was a bathmat that I made from and old towel. Considering that the towel was pretty old when I made the mat up it has lasted pretty well, however the time has come to replace it so today I made a replacement.



It was very easy to make. Firstly I cut the edges off two towels and then rounded off the corners. The towels were then laid on top of one another and sewn together. Finally binding was added around the edges. The best thing about this project is that it uses up little scraps of fabric, for this mat I use the owl fabric from my metre bolero and some turquoise fabric I have had around for ages. This mat should last better than the last one because I used some new towels from a set we have, the size of the towels used are too big for hand towels and too small for bath towels so pretty perfect for the mat.

6 thoughts on “2 Towels + Binding = New Bathmat

  1. Really good idea. I think I am going to make up a couple of these. I always get the floor soaked and I bet this will help my mess. And…I have a cold tile floor and hate to step out of the shower onto that!!

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