Joy of Group Knitting

This evening I attended the first meeting of the Loughton Knitting Group where I met some lovely people and managed to finally get around to casting on the first arm of the paper dolls jumper.


There were a couple of people there crocheting the most amazing blankets I have ever seen, they were truly stunning and will make a beautiful keepsake for generations.

We meet again next month and I am already looking forward to it, it is lovely to spend an evening dedicated to knitting with other people.

4 thoughts on “Joy of Group Knitting

    • The fun of knitting in a group is everyone is at a different level, the idea is to be around people who can help, inspire and see you through those tricky patches. It is fun and I definitely recommend it.

  1. Knitting in the round? I get the shudders at double pointed needle sets. So I taught myself ‘the magic loop’ method to knit my daughter’s cardigan sleeves…. sooooo much easier!

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