Trouser Refashion

As part of my Make and Do 2013 aims I am aiming to get towards having 75% of my wardrobe made by me. The Wardrobe maths done at the start of the year indicated that this was going to be a massive project and I really needed to come up with some plans about how best to approach. After a bit of a ponder I thought and some inspiration from the blogging world I decided that some of the clothes I currently have could do with a bit of a refashion, especially ones that I do not wear for one reason or another.

My first refashion started life as a pair of trousers:



The main issue with these trousers is that they hang at completely the wrong length, swinging around my ankles…never a good look. However I have always loved the waist detail of these trousers:



Never being much of a trouser girl, it was natural that I choose to turn this pair of trousers into a skirt. The first thing I did was open up the insider leg seam on both legs with a seam ripper. Then I cut off the curve of the fabric that makes the crotch and sew seams down the center front and back to form a skirt. Finally I cut off some length and added a bit of colour, this was some left over fabric from the Sorbetto top. Here it is all finished up and shown with the Sorbetto:



Overall I pretty happy with how the refashion has turned out. My only slight concern is that I may have been to hasty adding the fabric onto the bottom. I am aiming to cut the amount of clothing in my wardrobe down which means things need to be able to be worn with each other, the adding of the fabric band may have prevented a black skirt from being as versatile as a black skirt should be.

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