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Sorbetto + Jasmine = New Top

When I sorted out my fabric for my new sewing desk I was pretty shocked to see quite how much fabric I had accumulated. This means I have decided to go on a bit of a stash busting crusade. First up was some red polka dot fabric, I thought this would be perfect for the Colette Jasmine top, I love the one I had previously made and I thought the polka dots would look great. However, try as I might there was just no way that the pattern pieces would work out, the fabric has previously been used and the cut out from the last pattern was just in all the wrong places.

I then sat down and had a little ponder, I knew I wanted a top with sleeves, I just never end up wearing sleeveless tops. I could get the sorbetto pattern out of the fabric…but there are no sleeves with this pattern. I then thought…”can I use the sleeves of the Jasmine pattern with the body of the sorbetto?” And you know what….you can!

Here is the finished top:


I used the pleat on the front centre as it is in the sorbetto pattern, but I added binding down each side and a couple of buttons for detail:


Overall this top has work out really well, I am very happy with the sleeves…the notched detail on the cuff worked out much better this time around than on my first Jasmine top. I also am happier with the fit, the Sorbetto I made previously I felt was a little baggy, the only downside is that this now takes a little wriggling into. This is my first attempt of combining different elements from different patterns, I feel that this is now something I’ll feel able to do again.

My Sewing Space

For ages I have wanted to sort out my sewing space. I had a rough idea of what I wanted furniture wise but was finding it very difficult, however whilst visiting friends in Hastings I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted. The price was quite out of my range so I started some serious ebay watching. On Saturday my new sewing desk arrived and then I spent Sunday sorting it all out, here it is


Doesn’t look like much does it? But here is the magic, it opens out to reveal an organised space:


Then the centre section unfolds into a desk:


The cabinet has space for all my fabric:


My sewing machine:


My sewing books:


My patterns:


And all my other bits and pieces:


The above photo shows everything in boxes and jars, it was very therapeutic sorting everything out and I know have a jar for buttons, a jar for other fastenings, a box of ribbons and a box of zips….I feel so organised!

The desk also has a drawer underneath which I have used to organise my cottons, not more hunting for that certain colour:


I am so ridiculously happy with my new desk and keep walking into the office to admire it…I can’t wait to sew on Thursday just so I have the chance to use it.

Paperdolls – Yoke Progress

Since last Monday’s knitting group meet up I have been progressing on with the yoke of the paperdolls jumper. So far I am very happy with how it is turning out. I have now completed the first nine rounds meaning that the next round sees the start of the feet of the paperdolls.

Here is how the colour work is looking so far:


Using Up Leftover Fabric – The Metre Skirt

Next week I have a new desk arriving (I’ll post about it once it has arrived and is all set up) to get some order to my sewing bits, I currently have bits all over the place and I’m sure S will appreciate it being organised much better. Anyway in anticipation I have been having a little sort through and came across a few bits of fabric that I have left over from various projects, I thought it would make sense to use some of these bits.

First up was the left over lilac cord from my Madeleine skirt, the cord is lovely and soft so I thought it would be nice to make up another skirt that was quite different from the Madeleine. I had a look through the trusty 101 Ways with a Metre book:

Sew a Metre


and came across a lovely A line skirt (nicely different from Madeleine). The pattern also called for some lining material so I used up the rest of the left over fabric from Jasmine Top.

Here is the skirt from the front view:



It finishes just above the knee and has pockets on the side:



The lining was used for the pockets:


And for the internal waist band:



Generally I’m fairly happy with this make, I love using up left over fabric and making something useful out of it. Both materials were brought from Paris for a total cost of 15 euro, they have now made up two skirts and a top, pretty good value!

The only downside is that despite taking my measurements I wish I had made the skirt one size down, it sits on the hips rather than around the waist and I tend to find clothes that fit like that pretty uncomfortable, I worry about sitting out of it (kind of ridiculous I know). I think I’ll make another one from some black cord fabric I have and try it in the next size down.

Paperdolls – Group knitting

Last night was the second meeting of the Loughton knitting group, a perfect opportunity for me to continue working on the Paperdolls jumper. Last night I managed to do three rounds of actual paperdolls section. This meant that there was one plain round and two with the first contrast colour added in. Here is how it looks with the three rounds added:


And a close up of the colour work knitting:


It is very fulfilling to get to the paperdolls section of the jumper. I started this jumper back in September last year so it seems my perseverance is paying off.

Paperdolls – Reaching the Yoke

After deciding to frog the arms I have continued to work on the paperdolls jumper. One thing about making the short sleeves as described in the pattern is that it has taken me no time at all and I have now completed the two capped sleeves and attached them to the body. This is how it is looking at the minute:


Here is a close up of one of the sleeves:


This means that I am now ready to start the dolls…very exciting!! I am at knitting group tonight to I will get to start on them then.

To Frog or Not to Frog

Until Friday I have been slowly but surely working on sleeve of the Paperdolls jumper. I had decided that because the jumper is knitting up quite thick knitting only shortly arms was a bit silly. Rather pleased with this decision I worked out the alterations needed for the number of stitches so that the arm would be nicely shaped. Here is the first arm knitted to the elbow:


On Friday I came to the realisation that although I had done the maths on the number of stitches I had completely miscalculated the amount of wool needed. I now know that I have to frog the lot and make the arm up in the short style of the pattern, there is just something about undoing all of the knitting which is so disheartening…so here I go, deep breath and frog the lot! Here’s to starting the arm again, third time lucky!!