To Frog or Not to Frog

Until Friday I have been slowly but surely working on sleeve of the Paperdolls jumper. I had decided that because the jumper is knitting up quite thick knitting only shortly arms was a bit silly. Rather pleased with this decision I worked out the alterations needed for the number of stitches so that the arm would be nicely shaped. Here is the first arm knitted to the elbow:


On Friday I came to the realisation that although I had done the maths on the number of stitches I had completely miscalculated the amount of wool needed. I now know that I have to frog the lot and make the arm up in the short style of the pattern, there is just something about undoing all of the knitting which is so disheartening…so here I go, deep breath and frog the lot! Here’s to starting the arm again, third time lucky!!

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