Using Up Leftover Fabric – The Metre Skirt

Next week I have a new desk arriving (I’ll post about it once it has arrived and is all set up) to get some order to my sewing bits, I currently have bits all over the place and I’m sure S will appreciate it being organised much better. Anyway in anticipation I have been having a little sort through and came across a few bits of fabric that I have left over from various projects, I thought it would make sense to use some of these bits.

First up was the left over lilac cord from my Madeleine skirt, the cord is lovely and soft so I thought it would be nice to make up another skirt that was quite different from the Madeleine. I had a look through the trusty 101 Ways with a Metre book:

Sew a Metre


and came across a lovely A line skirt (nicely different from Madeleine). The pattern also called for some lining material so I used up the rest of the left over fabric from Jasmine Top.

Here is the skirt from the front view:



It finishes just above the knee and has pockets on the side:



The lining was used for the pockets:


And for the internal waist band:



Generally I’m fairly happy with this make, I love using up left over fabric and making something useful out of it. Both materials were brought from Paris for a total cost of 15 euro, they have now made up two skirts and a top, pretty good value!

The only downside is that despite taking my measurements I wish I had made the skirt one size down, it sits on the hips rather than around the waist and I tend to find clothes that fit like that pretty uncomfortable, I worry about sitting out of it (kind of ridiculous I know). I think I’ll make another one from some black cord fabric I have and try it in the next size down.

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