My Sewing Space

For ages I have wanted to sort out my sewing space. I had a rough idea of what I wanted furniture wise but was finding it very difficult, however whilst visiting friends in Hastings I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted. The price was quite out of my range so I started some serious ebay watching. On Saturday my new sewing desk arrived and then I spent Sunday sorting it all out, here it is


Doesn’t look like much does it? But here is the magic, it opens out to reveal an organised space:


Then the centre section unfolds into a desk:


The cabinet has space for all my fabric:


My sewing machine:


My sewing books:


My patterns:


And all my other bits and pieces:


The above photo shows everything in boxes and jars, it was very therapeutic sorting everything out and I know have a jar for buttons, a jar for other fastenings, a box of ribbons and a box of zips….I feel so organised!

The desk also has a drawer underneath which I have used to organise my cottons, not more hunting for that certain colour:


I am so ridiculously happy with my new desk and keep walking into the office to admire it…I can’t wait to sew on Thursday just so I have the chance to use it.

15 thoughts on “My Sewing Space

    • Thanks, I absolutely love it! It is better than I was even imagining and working out very well. Currently I have my nautical make on the go…the first thing to be made at the new sewing desk :).

    • It is working out really well. It is call a Newcraft home office, it is from the 1950’s or 1960’s. I managed to get an absolute bargain, it was Β£80 from an eBay auction, I watched a few previously but they always went for more than I really wanted to pay.

    • Thank you, it has worked out exactly how I wanted. It is very rare that the thing you wanted in your head you are able to find in real life but this cabinet is very close to what I imagined.

    • It is a great space, I love all the little compartments. It is currently nice and organised but I gave it a good clear out a few weeks ago so kind of cheating, if you had asked then it was a tip!

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