Sorbetto + Jasmine = New Top

When I sorted out my fabric for my new sewing desk I was pretty shocked to see quite how much fabric I had accumulated. This means I have decided to go on a bit of a stash busting crusade. First up was some red polka dot fabric, I thought this would be perfect for the Colette Jasmine top, I love the one I had previously made and I thought the polka dots would look great. However, try as I might there was just no way that the pattern pieces would work out, the fabric has previously been used and the cut out from the last pattern was just in all the wrong places.

I then sat down and had a little ponder, I knew I wanted a top with sleeves, I just never end up wearing sleeveless tops. I could get the sorbetto pattern out of the fabric…but there are no sleeves with this pattern. I then thought…”can I use the sleeves of the Jasmine pattern with the body of the sorbetto?” And you know what….you can!

Here is the finished top:


I used the pleat on the front centre as it is in the sorbetto pattern, but I added binding down each side and a couple of buttons for detail:


Overall this top has work out really well, I am very happy with the sleeves…the notched detail on the cuff worked out much better this time around than on my first Jasmine top. I also am happier with the fit, the Sorbetto I made previously I felt was a little baggy, the only downside is that this now takes a little wriggling into. This is my first attempt of combining different elements from different patterns, I feel that this is now something I’ll feel able to do again.

2 thoughts on “Sorbetto + Jasmine = New Top

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