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F is for Flash

Now that I have worked out the spacing on the superheroes alphabet sampler I am progressing at a good speed. I need to get beck on target which is a letter every fortnight so I can finish it by the end of the year. Here is f all sewn up:


I love f, flash just reminds me of The Big Bang Theory.

How to Make A Wardrobe Freshener

Last night I had a couple of friends around who wanted to learn to sew. We made up some lavender scented wardrobe fresheners because they were small enough to make up in an evening. Here is one all finished up which I used as the example:



Here is how we made them. Materials needed:

Small scrap of fabric, ribbon, buttons, heart stencil (I just drew out the shape I wanted), soft toy stuffing and lavender scented pot pourri.

IMG_0399 IMG_04001. Start off by cutting out two heart shapes from the fabric and a bit of ribbon about five inches long:



2. Lay one heart right side up.

3. Fold the ribbon in half, right side of the ribbon facing out and lay it on top of the heart with the folded part pointing towards the bottom of the heart, ensure the cut ends of the ribbon over lap the top of the heart and then pin in place:



4. Lay the second heart on top with the right side facing down (right sides together) and pin in place:

IMG_04045. Sew around the heart, leaving a one inch opening for turning the heart the right way out and stuffing:



6. Cut off the exposed ribbon so that it follows the outline shape of the heart:

IMG_04067. Now to get the curved seam to lay nice and flat we need to notch the seam. This means cutting down into the top centre of the heart (making sure not to cut the stitching):



and cutting a regular intervals around the curve of the heart:



8. Turn the heart the right way out, and press (the iron is your friend):



9. Stuff with the stuffing and potpourri, I made sure that i put in a bit of stuffing, a bit of potpourri, a bit more stuffing, some more potpourri etc. This ensured that the potpourri was evenly distributed around:



10. By hand, slip stitch the opening closed (this is where the previous step of pressing really pays off):





11. Hand sew on the button for decoration:



12. All done, admire your handiwork:





Learning to Sew – Great British Sewing Bee Effect

I have definitely been noticing the effect of the Great British Sewing Bee, tonight I had two friends round who wanted to learn to sew and the other day whilst doing supervision with someone I manage when I asked her is she had any questions she asked “what sewing machine would you recommend for me?” My job is definitely not sewing related so I was thrilled to be asked this question because I always enjoy spreading the love of sewing!

Now back to tonight, my neighbour and another friend have both separately asked me about sewing and if i could give them a hand, so we decided to get together so I could show them how to make a little something. We settled on a heart shaped wardrobe freshener because it was something pretty but useful and something that could be whipped up in an evening.

I made one up earlier in the day to give an impression of the finished item (I’ll post a how to on this project tomorrow). Here is the example one all finished (look how pretty it looks on the coat hanger I made the other day):


I had such a fun night, it was great to spread the joy of sewing and I will hopefully be sewing with them both again soon.

E is for Electra

I haven’t worked on my superheroes cross stitch sampler for a while, mainly because I miscalculated where to start the A and then ran out of room for the E which should be on the same line. I have now done quite a bit of measuring and re-jigging and have figured out how I can carry on without unpicking everything I have done so far….phew!

Here is E for Electra


Here are all the letters so far…note the E in on the next line (fingers crossed my calculations work out).


Blogging Meet up – Goldhawk Road

On Saturday morning I awoke feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, the date of the blogger/sewist meet-up had arrived. The meet-up was superbly organised by Rachel of House of Pinheiro and involved a trip to V and A, shopping in Goldhawk Road and then lunch. Unfortunately the meeting I had on Saturday morning overran quite significantly and so I only made the lunch aspect of the day but I am so pleased I still went. The only downside in my rush was that I forgot my camera so I have no actual pictures to share of the day.

It was amazing to meet a load of other sewing people and bloggers. I was worried about what to wear but really it was a bit ridiculous and my Jasmine  received a few compliments. Lunch was delicious and it was lovely chatting to everyone. Following lunch  we went downstairs and were very kindly given a goody bag from Minerva Crafts, I received a knitting loom:


Next  was the most epic swap I have ever seen! The co-ordination required was astounding, with the booty organised into fabric, notions and patterns.

I was very disciplined and returned with two patterns:


And one piece of fabric:


I choose this fabric because I thought it would make a lovely summer skirt/dress…hopefully I’ll get around to using it soon.



Paperdolls – We Have Legs!

I have slowly but surely continued to work on my paperdolls jumper and have now made a good start on the legs of the dolls.


Only three more leg rounds and then I start the skirt…I have a feeling my very thick jumper will be finished just in time for the start of summer!

Beautiful Coathangers

Here is a very quick and easy craft that can be used to add that special touch to a handmade wardrobe. Start of with a wooden hanger (mine is just one from ikea), decopatch paper and decopatch glue:


Cut the decopatch paper into little squares and then just glue them onto the Coathanger, making sure that they are also topped off with a layer of glue.

Here is the finished coat hanger, I have done a couple of up close photos to give an idea of how it comes out. Really beautiful coathangers (although that is a bit of an odd thing to say).