Sew Easter Bunnies

This last week I have been away for work, hence my rather sparse blogging. The crafting however continued so for the next few days I’ll be catching up on my blog posts. First up are my Easter makes.

This Easter my whole family said they did not want Easter eggs, perfect opportunity for a bit of crafting. Whilst having a look at fellow bloggers sites, I stumbled upon these gorgeous little bunnies on Pillows Ala Mode and knew I had found the perfect thing. I made up seven in total, one for each member of my family:



It was the perfect chance to use up some odds and ends of fabric. Here are the bunnies in close up:

IMG_0365 IMG_0364


The bunnies were surprisingly quick to make, especially because I did them on a bit of a production line. Each bunny was presented alongside a creme egg for some Easter chocolate goodness.

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