Learning to Sew – Great British Sewing Bee Effect

I have definitely been noticing the effect of the Great British Sewing Bee, tonight I had two friends round who wanted to learn to sew and the other day whilst doing supervision with someone I manage when I asked her is she had any questions she asked “what sewing machine would you recommend for me?” My job is definitely not sewing related so I was thrilled to be asked this question because I always enjoy spreading the love of sewing!

Now back to tonight, my neighbour and another friend have both separately asked me about sewing and if i could give them a hand, so we decided to get together so I could show them how to make a little something. We settled on a heart shaped wardrobe freshener because it was something pretty but useful and something that could be whipped up in an evening.

I made one up earlier in the day to give an impression of the finished item (I’ll post a how to on this project tomorrow). Here is the example one all finished (look how pretty it looks on the coat hanger I made the other day):


I had such a fun night, it was great to spread the joy of sewing and I will hopefully be sewing with them both again soon.

One thought on “Learning to Sew – Great British Sewing Bee Effect

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