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Lining The Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Today I have been working on the lining of the Butterick 5882 dress that I am making out of recycled fabric. The lining for the bodice was relatively easy to cut out but the lining for the skirt presented a few more problems, firstly I did not have enough of the bed sheet left to go the full width of any of the skirt pieces. Because this is an eco challenge I really wanted to make the most put of the fabric I had to hand and therefore created a sort of patchwork to cut the pattern from:


The skirt consists of seven pattern pieces and I could get five from the sheet once I had sewn it together. The other two pattern pieces for the skirt came from the man’s shirt that I used to make the bra section. This has meant that the majority of both the sheet and shirt have been used, resulting in very little waste.

I managed to complete the skirt lining and attach it to the dress:


I then managed to insert the zip. It was my first time using the invisible zipper foot….wow, it makes the zip insertion very easy!


I finally started the bodice lining including adding the boning:


This is how the dress is currently looking, all that is left is to add the bodice lining and hem it. Then I’ll work on the coffee filter flowers:


Refashioned Shoes


These are my favourite work shoes; they are flat and black but with a bit of sparkle from the gems. They go with everything. Unfortunately the other day I lost of of the gems:


I hunted around for a replacement but could not find anything suitable so I decided to refashion. Firstly I took of the gem part:


I then made a new fabric attachment. I stuck with the back theme so the shoes will continue to g with everything but added in a little white embellishment for detail:


Firstly I cut out two rectangles, from black wool fabric, for each shoe. I then sew the rectangles together, sew on the buttons in the centre and then attached the lace detail. Final I used fabric glue to attach them to the shoes:


My shoes now have a new lease of life but continue to be nice and practical for work.

The Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Over the bank holiday weekend I made a great start on the eco dress. I am using the Butterick 5882 pattern to turn a bed sheet and man’s shirt into a wearable dress for the eco round of the Miss England competition.

This is how the dress currently looks, on request I shortened the skirt by six inches:


The bed sheet is the main body of the dress and the shirt is the bra section. Here is a close up of the bust bit:


When I brought the shirt from the charity shop I never thought about the fact it had a bit of stretch in it, it made sorting the pleat detail out pretty tricky! Currently the bra part is only pinned in because on Monday the person I am making it for came around for a fitting, fortunately measuring her beforehand has really paid off and there is very little to alter. I am particuarly please because I got the seams to meet up beautifully when attaching the skirt to the bodice:


Now I know the fit is right I need to make up the lining, including the boning before adding the coffee filter flowers. Making this dress really has me thinking about fabric, it is unbelievable that this was a bed sheet originally.

Crochet blanket

I have been really bitten by the crochet bug after making the flower at the knitting group. A lot of the people at the group are making blankets and so I have decided to start my own. I firstly sat on my bed to make the chain so that I could check it was the right length. I have then been slowly but surely working on it for the last couple of weeks.

I found that this was the perfect craft for being a passenger on a long journey. After my exam Si and I went up to York and on the three hour journey there and back I completed the whole of the second colour. Here is how the blanket is currently looking:


And a close up:


I am mainly working in greys and purples because this is the colour of our bedroom but I have used some lemon to break it all up. So far I am very happy with it, it is very thick so should be lovely and warm in the winter months.

An Exciting Project

I am usually quite a selfish seamstress, preferring to make things for myself. I know how much work goes into each item I make and I get so much pleasure out of wearing/using what I have made. My massive exception to this is usually presents that I make for my family for birthdays and Christmas. That said however I have recently taken on a project because when I was asked if I would do it I found it a vet interesting and exciting thing to be involved in.

Basically a lady who I work with asked me if I would make an eco friendly dress for her daughter who is in the Miss England competition. I met up with them both and exchanged some ideas and we settled on this Butterick pattern:


I was very happy with this because as soon as I saw it on Gertie’s blog I knew it was a dress I would love to make. I went shopping in the local charity shops and came away with a shirt:


And a bed sheet:


To add something a little different I am going to make up some flowers road to the skirt, for the flowers the main material will be:


Coffee filters! The dress is being handed over on the 13th June, hopefully what I have pictured i my head will work out.

I’m Back with a Little Flower

I’m back, exams all over and now time for some crafting…very relieved and can’t wait to use Thursdays (my old study day) as my new crafting day. Although I stayed off the blog during revision and exams, my crafting continued so I have some things to share over the next few days. First up, I learned to make a crochet flower.

The knitting group that I attend at The Blossom Centre is made up of a wide variety of knitting and crocheting lovers a couple learned to crochet in the very first meet up in January and have been proper converts since. By popular demand Corinna arranged for a friend to come an teach us how to crochet flowers. It gave me a great excuse to use my project bag made by A Good Talking To for the nautical craft swap, because I just needed to take some wool and hooks (usually I take my Paperdolls jumper which is far to big for the project bag):


Corinna’s  friend was GlammaMamma and she was incredibly patient, showing us how to count stitches when we lost count and working with me when I somehow crocheted backwards. Here is my finished flower (my third ever crocheted item, see the baby booties and granny squares for my other two):



Check out Glammamamma to see flowers from the other people in the group and for some other stunning crochet.

I is for Ironman

Firstly I apologise for being so quiet on here for the past few days, I have my final exams this upcoming week so sewing and crafting has taken a bit of a back seat (boo!). I haven’t even been checking out other people’s blogs because my revision is computer based and by the time I have done that I really don’t want to be going back onto another screen. Anyway….back to normal after next week and I really can not wait.

I have been continuing to work on the superheroes alphabet sampler because it is very easy to do around other commitments, yesterday I finished up I for Ironman: