Knit ten, throw the frisbee

Thursday is my study day (soon to be my crafting day as my final exam is on May 15th) and I usually do my study in the morning and like to do something creative in the afternoon. When I awoke this morning I knew that I wanted to be outside, but one of the massive downsides to where I live is that I have no garden. Oh well, I live on the outskirts of Epping forest so once I had completed revision I packed up Little One and I and headed to the forest.

I found the perfect spot for a bit of knitting:


Sorted out Little One by giving her a frisbee and a bone:


Then set myself up for a bit of knitting:


I was working on my paperdolls jumper:


Knitting whilst entertaining Little One in the woods took quite a bit of multitasking expertise, fortunately I was on a purple only round so it was relatively easy to do, on average it worked out to be knit ten, throw frisbee. It was wonderful knitting out in the sun (although somewhat crazy that I am knitting the thickest jumper ever) and I’ll look forward to doing it again in the future. Little one seemed to enjoy herself too:


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