I’m Back with a Little Flower

I’m back, exams all over and now time for some crafting…very relieved and can’t wait to use Thursdays (my old study day) as my new crafting day. Although I stayed off the blog during revision and exams, my crafting continued so I have some things to share over the next few days. First up, I learned to make a crochet flower.

The knitting group that I attend at The Blossom Centre is made up of a wide variety of knitting and crocheting lovers a couple learned to crochet in the very first meet up in January and have been proper converts since. By popular demand Corinna arranged for a friend to come an teach us how to crochet flowers. It gave me a great excuse to use my project bag made by A Good Talking To for the nautical craft swap, because I just needed to take some wool and hooks (usually I take my Paperdolls jumper which is far to big for the project bag):


Corinna’s  friend was GlammaMamma and she was incredibly patient, showing us how to count stitches when we lost count and working with me when I somehow crocheted backwards. Here is my finished flower (my third ever crocheted item, see the baby booties and granny squares for my other two):



Check out Glammamamma to see flowers from the other people in the group and for some other stunning crochet.

5 thoughts on “I’m Back with a Little Flower

    • Thank you, I have recently started a crochet blanket. It is lovely for picking up and doing a few stitches when you have the time. Unlike knitting I am finding I don’t have to complete a full row making it perfect for when I just have a few minutes here and there.

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