An Exciting Project

I am usually quite a selfish seamstress, preferring to make things for myself. I know how much work goes into each item I make and I get so much pleasure out of wearing/using what I have made. My massive exception to this is usually presents that I make for my family for birthdays and Christmas. That said however I have recently taken on a project because when I was asked if I would do it I found it a vet interesting and exciting thing to be involved in.

Basically a lady who I work with asked me if I would make an eco friendly dress for her daughter who is in the Miss England competition. I met up with them both and exchanged some ideas and we settled on this Butterick pattern:


I was very happy with this because as soon as I saw it on Gertie’s blog I knew it was a dress I would love to make. I went shopping in the local charity shops and came away with a shirt:


And a bed sheet:


To add something a little different I am going to make up some flowers road to the skirt, for the flowers the main material will be:


Coffee filters! The dress is being handed over on the 13th June, hopefully what I have pictured i my head will work out.


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