Crochet blanket

I have been really bitten by the crochet bug after making the flower at the knitting group. A lot of the people at the group are making blankets and so I have decided to start my own. I firstly sat on my bed to make the chain so that I could check it was the right length. I have then been slowly but surely working on it for the last couple of weeks.

I found that this was the perfect craft for being a passenger on a long journey. After my exam Si and I went up to York and on the three hour journey there and back I completed the whole of the second colour. Here is how the blanket is currently looking:


And a close up:


I am mainly working in greys and purples because this is the colour of our bedroom but I have used some lemon to break it all up. So far I am very happy with it, it is very thick so should be lovely and warm in the winter months.

5 thoughts on “Crochet blanket

  1. Looking good, I love crocheting in the car, I feel travel sick if I read or sew but for some reason crochet is fine. I think your blanket will be really cosy 🙂

  2. I agree – a crochet blanket is sooo tempting. I’ve tried to not start one as my ability to finish isn’t as good as it should be. Your blanket looks great. Good luck with it.

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