The Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Over the bank holiday weekend I made a great start on the eco dress. I am using the Butterick 5882 pattern to turn a bed sheet and man’s shirt into a wearable dress for the eco round of the Miss England competition.

This is how the dress currently looks, on request I shortened the skirt by six inches:


The bed sheet is the main body of the dress and the shirt is the bra section. Here is a close up of the bust bit:


When I brought the shirt from the charity shop I never thought about the fact it had a bit of stretch in it, it made sorting the pleat detail out pretty tricky! Currently the bra part is only pinned in because on Monday the person I am making it for came around for a fitting, fortunately measuring her beforehand has really paid off and there is very little to alter. I am particuarly please because I got the seams to meet up beautifully when attaching the skirt to the bodice:


Now I know the fit is right I need to make up the lining, including the boning before adding the coffee filter flowers. Making this dress really has me thinking about fabric, it is unbelievable that this was a bed sheet originally.

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