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Jeanius Trousers One – Cutting the Fabric

Way back when Si stated that he would like a pair of moleskin trousers. We hunted round some shops and he tried on several hundred pairs, not of which were quite right. He said he wanted some in the same cut as his jeans and the moleskin trousers in the shops were all cut in the skinny style.

I then said to Si that Craftsy have a course on making a pair of jeans from an existing pair of jeans without taking them apart. It was then decided that I would have a go at making a pair for him, this was pretty brave on my part because:

1) I have never sewn trousers before
2) I have never made any men’s clothes before and
3) Si is pretty sure what he wants when it comes to clothes

I found some moleskin fabric but decided that the first pair I would make would be from some quite a bit cheaper brown cord:


The Craftsy course showed me how to prepare the current jeans, draft a pattern and then true up the sizes. I made a muslin pair for Si to try on and they fit fine so today I got around to laying out and cutting the pattern pieces:


The measuring and preparation is as pretty involved process but I want to make sure it is right because once it is done I’ll have the pattern to make other trousers. For the pocket lining Si choose this fabric from my stash:


He choose this one because the feature stitching will be in mustard. Everything is all cut out now and hopefully tomorrow i’ll get around to sewing it together, that is of course after I finish my Jasmine!

Green Ginger Skirt

I have returned to sewing up the patterns from my capsule wardrobe challenge and today I completed the Ginger Skirt. I originally brought some lilac cord to make this skirt from but then realised the fabric I brought for the Madeleine skirt was too narrow and I swapped the fabric round. The ginger skirt has now been made from green cord (fitting in nicely with the colours of my capsule wardrobe):


This is fabric I brought back in January on my trip to Chicago. I visited a Joann’s and just had to buy some fabric whilst I was there.

I made version two with the beautiful shaped waist band. The high waist on the skirt is very flattering:


I feel very feminine in this skirt and love the waist band detail. On the inside I used some green polka dot fabric:


This skirt was surprisingly quick to make from cutting out to completing the hand slip stitches on the interior it took me half a day. I then went on the cut out the jasmine pattern from the left over green polka dot fabric, but more on that tomorrow.

My Birthday Week

I have been all quiet on the blogging front because last week was my birthday week and I did all sorts of exciting things. I was away with work (not so exciting) for three nights and then when I returned home Si and I went to Royal Ascot. It gave me a perfect excuse to wear the dress that I made for my sister’s wedding again…and this time I wore it with a hat. Here I am standing in front of the paddock in all my finery:


Because it was my birthday week Si treated me to an afternoon tea whilst at the races:


I love afternoon tea and it was made even better because the cake selection included macaroons!

We got home on Thursday evening and then the following day my parents came to stay with me for the weekend which included going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the Westend….it was amazing! I recommend it to anyone that loved the Gene Wilder film and book. On Saturday i took them both to Borough Market and enjoyed sampling all the different food. My parents also brought me a selection of birthday gifts and they were perfect for me. Here is what they brought along:


My sister brought me this papercut pattern, the presentation of the pattern is beautiful. My parents gave me two gifts, firstly a subscription to Mollie Makes:


Including the gift that came with the subscription. They also gave me the Miette pattern by Tilly and the Buttons.

The weekend before Si and I went to his family home for a BBQ and I was given a might token from his parents:


I think that I will use this to get some wool to knit a cardigan, I’m struggling to choose between the selection designed by Untangling Knots.

I have had a wonderful birthday week and feel incredibly lucky to have received such fantastic presents.

Unveiling the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the Eco dress and given it to Miss Cambridgeshire I wanted to share the finished item with you. Here it is styled without the underskirt:



And here it is with the underskirt:



I am a big fan of the look with the underskirt, such a classic shape. The bits that I am particularly happy with are the coffee filter flowers, which feel very pretty against the pink:



and the lining, really happy with the way there are no exposed seams:



The tricky bit with this dress was the straps that also go across the bust, I really felt they were not sitting very well and that they only really got sorted when I added in the coffee filter flowers. The other problem was that the fabric frayed a lot and because I unpicked the lining twice, this became a little problematic around on of the bust pieces. Overall I am very happy with this project, although I was nervous about handing it over.

The cost of this dress is a bargain:

Main fabric: Bed sheet bought from a charity shop = £1:50

Contrast fabric: Men’s shirt brought from a charity shop = £5

Underskirt: Refashioned from tutu and remaining fabric of bed sheet = £0

Sequins and seed beads: From stash = £0

Flowers: Made from coffee filters given to me = £0

Zip: From stash = £0

Pattern: Butterick 5882 = £3.75

Total cost = £10.25


Accessorising the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the eco dress I have been working on the accessories to go with it. Firstly the dress is that beautiful kind of style that looks wonderful with a net underskirt to take full advantage of the circle skirt. Miss Cambridgeshire gave me a tutu she wore to her final dance exam and asked if I could alter it into an underskirt. I wish I had taken some before shots of the tutu but got all carried away.

The first thing I did was cut out the inside (the swimming costume type bit). I then made a waist band:


As odd as it sounds I used the waist band pattern from the pyjamas I made last year. I used some of the left over sheet to make the waistband. I then cut of a fair bit of lenght so the skirt would just show beneath the dress. Here is the finished underskirt:


The final thing to do was make up a little something to put into her hair. I used simple Kirkby grips and made up a coffee filter flower to go onto the grip. In order to help sew the flower onto the grip I used a small piece of net underneath the flower…the net of course was from the bottom of the tutu…all recycled here!