Crochet Blanket – Tenth Stripe

It has been a month since I started the crochet blanket and it now has ten stripes:


This means it is now about a third completed. It is fitting into my bedroom very nicely:


8 thoughts on “Crochet Blanket – Tenth Stripe

  1. Your patience is wonderful to see. I always admire people who make throws/blankets. I know I wouldn’t have the patience to persevere so I’ve never bothered.
    Looks great!

      • I’ve recently started a baby blanket made up of squares. Having been encouraged by a number of blogs (including yours :)) showing throws in WIP. I need 36 squares. I currently have 8. And I feel like giving up….I admire you.

      • It would be lovely to see pictures of your blanket when it is all done. I toyed with the idea of doing granny squares but decided that I would probably end up with a load and not getting around to sewing them together…the granny squares I did to make a cushion (my first ever crochet item last year) I have never got around to finishing off, I really ought to.

      • I’m doing a post soon…..
        So much to do – so little time : )
        I’ve got to just half way now with the squares and have cast on something else. I’m hopeless!!!

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