My Birthday Week

I have been all quiet on the blogging front because last week was my birthday week and I did all sorts of exciting things. I was away with work (not so exciting) for three nights and then when I returned home Si and I went to Royal Ascot. It gave me a perfect excuse to wear the dress that I made for my sister’s wedding again…and this time I wore it with a hat. Here I am standing in front of the paddock in all my finery:


Because it was my birthday week Si treated me to an afternoon tea whilst at the races:


I love afternoon tea and it was made even better because the cake selection included macaroons!

We got home on Thursday evening and then the following day my parents came to stay with me for the weekend which included going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the Westend….it was amazing! I recommend it to anyone that loved the Gene Wilder film and book. On Saturday i took them both to Borough Market and enjoyed sampling all the different food. My parents also brought me a selection of birthday gifts and they were perfect for me. Here is what they brought along:


My sister brought me this papercut pattern, the presentation of the pattern is beautiful. My parents gave me two gifts, firstly a subscription to Mollie Makes:


Including the gift that came with the subscription. They also gave me the Miette pattern by Tilly and the Buttons.

The weekend before Si and I went to his family home for a BBQ and I was given a might token from his parents:


I think that I will use this to get some wool to knit a cardigan, I’m struggling to choose between the selection designed by Untangling Knots.

I have had a wonderful birthday week and feel incredibly lucky to have received such fantastic presents.

10 thoughts on “My Birthday Week

  1. Beautiful!!!! I LOVE macaroons too, but they do not love me. That is why I do not take good pictures anymore hahaha. Love the pattern. Sister are usually too cool!
    Happy birthday afterwards!

      • Mine too. Google it! I be there are awesome recipes out there. I can’t because I am not active ( meaning my behind is either at the computer or crocheting) and I have a diabetic husband, who will not leave them alone.

    • Thank you for birthday wishes. The dress and sash were made last year. When I finished the dress I felt I needed something to go around my waist and there was loads of left over lining fabric so I made the sash following a pattern from the 101 ways with a metre book.

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