Green Ginger Skirt

I have returned to sewing up the patterns from my capsule wardrobe challenge and today I completed the Ginger Skirt. I originally brought some lilac cord to make this skirt from but then realised the fabric I brought for the Madeleine skirt was too narrow and I swapped the fabric round. The ginger skirt has now been made from green cord (fitting in nicely with the colours of my capsule wardrobe):


This is fabric I brought back in January on my trip to Chicago. I visited a Joann’s and just had to buy some fabric whilst I was there.

I made version two with the beautiful shaped waist band. The high waist on the skirt is very flattering:


I feel very feminine in this skirt and love the waist band detail. On the inside I used some green polka dot fabric:


This skirt was surprisingly quick to make from cutting out to completing the hand slip stitches on the interior it took me half a day. I then went on the cut out the jasmine pattern from the left over green polka dot fabric, but more on that tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Green Ginger Skirt

    • I have had this pattern since last year and am so pleased I finally got around to making it. The colour of the fabric is like the first picture, it this rubbish raining uk light the colour in the picture of me wearing it is somewhat dulled.

  1. I love my ginger and wear it ALL THE TIME. I’m sure you’ll get tonnes of wear out of this! I’ve thought about making a cord one myself at several points 🙂

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