Jeanius Trousers One – Cutting the Fabric

Way back when Si stated that he would like a pair of moleskin trousers. We hunted round some shops and he tried on several hundred pairs, not of which were quite right. He said he wanted some in the same cut as his jeans and the moleskin trousers in the shops were all cut in the skinny style.

I then said to Si that Craftsy have a course on making a pair of jeans from an existing pair of jeans without taking them apart. It was then decided that I would have a go at making a pair for him, this was pretty brave on my part because:

1) I have never sewn trousers before
2) I have never made any men’s clothes before and
3) Si is pretty sure what he wants when it comes to clothes

I found some moleskin fabric but decided that the first pair I would make would be from some quite a bit cheaper brown cord:


The Craftsy course showed me how to prepare the current jeans, draft a pattern and then true up the sizes. I made a muslin pair for Si to try on and they fit fine so today I got around to laying out and cutting the pattern pieces:


The measuring and preparation is as pretty involved process but I want to make sure it is right because once it is done I’ll have the pattern to make other trousers. For the pocket lining Si choose this fabric from my stash:


He choose this one because the feature stitching will be in mustard. Everything is all cut out now and hopefully tomorrow i’ll get around to sewing it together, that is of course after I finish my Jasmine!

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