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N is for Nightcrawler

Firstly thank you to everyone who offered my congratulations following my exam results, it is lovely that people who I have only met via the Internet take the time to congratulate me.

My superheroes alphabet sampler is coming along, today I have completed N for Nightcrawler:


This has kept me on target of aiming to do two letters a month, however I have just realised that if I continue with this I will actually be two letters short by the end of the year…maybe I’ll aim to complete three in August.

My Weekend – Exam Results and Sewing with Friends

This weekend has seen me tick of one of my big Make and Do aims….I have passed my exam! I realise this is completely unsewing related but i am very happy that all my hard work (not to mention not joining with MeMadeMay this year) has been worth it. Here is my certificate:


The other thing I have been doing this weekend is sewing with a friend. I met her when I joined the knitting group she runs and she has recently been trying her hand at a wide variety of crafts including latch hook, decopatch and long stitch. At the last knitting group she asked me if I would give her a hand with making her first item of clothing. Check out her post about it here.

This weekend I also delivered a bridesmaid dress I altered for a friend and she very kindly gave me some homemade goodies as a thank you present:


Hummingbird Cake – a Drunken Promise

At the start of this year S and I went for a holiday in America, we started our trip with five days in Chicago where we spent some time with FK. FK very kindly looked after us and treated us to an amazing meal out. We finished this meal with a delicious cake, and in my rather merry state (induced by pear martinis) I said that I would make him the cake when he was next on London. This was a very flippant comment because I had no idea what the cake was, never mind having a recipe.

This Monday saw FK coming to London and some rather panic cake name finding. I found out that said cake was in fact a Humminbird Cake and my google search turned up this recipe.

Here is my finished cake:


And from the side:


The cake was huge! There were only there of us eating cake (despite Little One protesting quite loudly that she would like a slice…not a very dog friendly recipe) and between us I think we probably ate about an eighth.


The cream cheese frosting was delicious, and went perfectly with the banana and pineapple flavours of the cake. We had so much left I was a bit concerned about keeping it nice and fresh however FK gave me the best advice. He recommended putting in a bit of water in a ramekin in the tin:


I don’t know why this works but it has worked perfectly, the cake is still nice a moist so it is tip I’ll definitely use again.

A Festival Outfit

This Sunday I went to the Lovebox festival at Victoria park. On Saturday I thought I would make a skirt to wear and once I started a skirt I also thought…um I’d quite like to make a top. I really set Saturday up as a day of speed sewing.

Here is the outfit that I made:


Firstly I made the skirt. It is the Miette by Tilly and The Buttons, my parents brought me this pattern for my birthday (thanks mum and dad) and as soon as I got it I was itching to make it. I settled on making the one with the pockets, thinking deep pockets for a festival would be prefect. I am particuarly happy with my top stitching on the pockets:


I originally wanted to bind my seams, I haven’t ever done bound seams before and I thought the wrap skirt would be the ideal first go…however the denim I used was quite heavy and I didn’t want to add any bulk to the seams so I finished them off with the zigzag stitch and the cut the fabric close:


The skirt was surprisingly quick to make and Tilly instructions are genius, I love the tick boxes that kept me on track throughout the process. I am already planning another make, probably without the pockets this time and in a lighter fabric so I can have a go at those bound seams.

I then set about making myself a top. I chose this lovely fabric I had in my stash:


I thought it would make the ideal summer top being quite light and airy. I selected the Laurel Colette pattern, version 4 and set about cutting out my fabric. I cut the sleeves to take advantage of the scalloped edge on the fabric:


I then sew the top together but used French seams because the fabric is ever so slightly see through so I wanted a nice neat edge:


I absolutely love this top and the fact that is sew together in about 90 minutes is a great bonus, I think Laurel and I will have a long relationship. I particularly love the back shaping:


It gives it a nice feminine feel, there will certainly be more Laurels made soon.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with my festival outfit, it was perfect for the day. The denim skirt coped well with sitting on the floor, and the top was very light and girly. I was happy with the fact it had sleeves, no sun burn here but the light fabric kept me lovely and cool…big thumbs up for these makes!

Hall Decoration and Upcycled Shoe Cabinet

Si is now away for a few days with work, like last year I have decided to take the opportunity to do some decoration. Last year I did the bedroom, bathroom and office, so today I did the hall. Here is the before shot:


The first thing I decided to do was have a look at the shoe cabinet, Si broke this a few weeks back but I was reluctant to throw it out because I didn’t like this idea of it just going to the dump. The broken bit is the front section.


The first thing I did was remove the front and the fittings fully, this was with the idea of having the bottom section as open storage. I then primed the wood ready for painting it:


I used just some regular primer and then some paint that was specially for painting furniture:


Once the primer was dry I painted the cabinet:


Before finally adding on new handles:


Here is the Upcycled shoe cabinet:


I then painted the hall. We have had this yellow paint for ages, we choose yellow because the hall has no windows. I also hung a poster, Si admired this poster for ages in our local Cafe Rouge so I brought him a mini version. Here is the finished hall with the shoe cabinet back in:


I am so pleased with the results and especially that it has taken only about six hours to do the lot. The shoe cabinet looks like a completely different bit of furniture and has been saved from the dump, hopefully Si will like it when he gets home next week.

Jasmine Number Two

Earlier this year i made my first Jasmine and loved it, especially because it went so beautifully with my Madeline skirt. I knew immediately that it would be a pattern that would come back to and last week I finally got around to making another one, this time in green polka dot. I wanted it to go with Ginger skirt I made:


Here is the Jasmine and the ginger together:


and the neck detail on the Jasmine:


In all honesty I am happy with my Jasmine and I love the ginger but i am not sure how well they actually work together:


I feel that the fitted nature of the ginger and the neck detail of the Jasmine end up making me look rather top heavy so although I’m sure both will individually get a lot of wear I am not sure whether they will be worn together very much.

Crochet Blanket – Half way There

The crochet blanket has continued to grow and this evening I have finished the fifteen stripe which means I am half way there! This is how the blanket is looking:


Right at the top there is a deep purple stripe that is sort of lost on the grey bedding.

I have also managed to complete the jasmine top but Si is out tonight so no photos until tomorrow, I’ll share it then.