Hummingbird Cake – a Drunken Promise

At the start of this year S and I went for a holiday in America, we started our trip with five days in Chicago where we spent some time with FK. FK very kindly looked after us and treated us to an amazing meal out. We finished this meal with a delicious cake, and in my rather merry state (induced by pear martinis) I said that I would make him the cake when he was next on London. This was a very flippant comment because I had no idea what the cake was, never mind having a recipe.

This Monday saw FK coming to London and some rather panic cake name finding. I found out that said cake was in fact a Humminbird Cake and my google search turned up this recipe.

Here is my finished cake:


And from the side:


The cake was huge! There were only there of us eating cake (despite Little One protesting quite loudly that she would like a slice…not a very dog friendly recipe) and between us I think we probably ate about an eighth.


The cream cheese frosting was delicious, and went perfectly with the banana and pineapple flavours of the cake. We had so much left I was a bit concerned about keeping it nice and fresh however FK gave me the best advice. He recommended putting in a bit of water in a ramekin in the tin:


I don’t know why this works but it has worked perfectly, the cake is still nice a moist so it is tip I’ll definitely use again.

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