My Week with The Tiny Seamstress

As you may have realised my blog was somewhat overtaken by the Tiny Seamstress last week, she is my wonderful ten year old niece and every summer holidays we spend a week together. It provides me with the opportunity to spend some time with her and do a variety of different activities that I would never do without her.

Our first day was participating in the Meet-up organised by Claire at Sew,incidentally. I was initially a bit concerned because although we do a craft project each holiday together (last year we fixed up her Ted) it was going to be quite sewing focused and she would be meeting lots of people I (never mind her) had never met before. She was quite unsure to begin with and asked that we went round the fabric shops on our own. I purchased the following three fabrics:


The top is flamingo jersey, this will become a skater dress, ever since seeing them popping up on a variety of blogs (particularly Lladybird’s) I have been wanting to make one. The other two fabrics I just like, there destiny is yet to be decided. The Tiny Seamstress however came into her own over lunch, she is such a social little thing and was happy chatting away about blogging, sewing and The Apprentice to the people at our table. She also go into the spirit of things with the fabric swap and came away with a variety of fabrics for us to use later in the week. I also came away with a pattern:


I loved view two (which confusingly is the one on the left) but I’ll have to play with the sizing as it is for a 31inch bust.

On Sunday I arranged for us to do something neither of us had ever done before…we went to a trapeze lesson! It was truly exhilarating, I was very concerned that I would not be able to hold onto the trapeze but I actually managed to do this (filmed by the Tiny Seamstress so please excuse the shakiness):

That’s right, that is me on the trapeze! The Tiny Seamstress was much better though and managed to get caught by another person on the other trapeze. It was amazing and The Tiny Seamstress has already asked her mum if she can have trapeze lessons…the answer was no, and despite my muscle ache for three days following the lesson I would love to do it again!

We also made the clothes together that The Tiny Seamstress has already blogged about, including her Batman Skirt, which I would love to have my own version of.

We then went roller skating on Thursday:



I haven’t been on skates since I was fifteen (that is now sixteen years ago) and The Tiny Seamstress found it hilarious when I landed on my behind! Finally on Friday we headed up to Lincoln to The Tiny Seamstress’ Nan and Pops (my parents) for a summer party, where she wore the Batman Skirt…it was an exhausting week but I loved it, The Tiny Seamstress is great fun to spend time with, she is a fantastic niece and I feel very lucky to have her in my life!



9 thoughts on “My Week with The Tiny Seamstress

    • Thanks, the trapeze was amazing. I honestly though I would never be able to hold my own weight so very happy when I managed to swing upside down from my knees. I have got my skater dress pattern now just waiting for my elastic to arrive so can’t wait to get started, it will be my first project with jersey!

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