The Flamingo Skater

Since buying the flamingo jersey at the sewing meet-up I have been desperate to make it into a skater dress by kitschy coo. The fabric is just lovely it is ridiculously soft and the pattern has just enough interest without being too crazy to wear for work.


I couldn’t be happier with the finished result. This is my first ever project with knit fabric and despite some initial handling issues (it is ridiculously easy to unintentionally stretch is as you sew) I was amazed at how straightforward it is and unbelievably quick! The pattern comes with step by step instructions with photos or a short list for more experienced sewists, I’m not embarrassed to admit I needed the full on step by step photos and they helped me tons!

The only alteration I made was shortening the bodice by one inch, the dress sits on your natural waist and is very flattering. I am particularly pleased with the fact my flamingos run in a straight line up and down over the bodice and skirt section:


And I’m also very happy with how my neck turned out (though I unpicked it once because when I flipped it the first time I had my poor flamingos standing on their heads):


I choose the three quarter sleeve version and this means I have enough fabric left over to make a top, probably a Renfrew. Now I have finally got around to using knit fabric I can’t believe I waited so long!

8 thoughts on “The Flamingo Skater

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