Paperdolls – Nearly a Year On

Back in September last year I started knitting the paperdolls jumper by Kate Davies. I loved the design but wow is it a challenge! My progress on it has slowed down somewhat and the last time I blogged about the jumper was way back in April when I started working on the skirt of the dolls.

I always take the jumper to the knitting group I go to each month but doing the colour work means I only get about two rounds done there, therefore my progress has been very very slow. I have now added a few more rounds to the jumper and this is how it is currently looking:


Here’s a close up of those pesky dolls, very pretty but very slow going:



I have now decided that I am going to try and get the jumper finished by the 18th September (this year!), it will then be perfectly completed for the winter and will only of taken a year to get there.

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